Non-Healing Ulcers

A non-healing ulcer is a chronic wound that may occur on the lower extremities  and may be related to limited arterial blood flow or a venous abnormality. These ulcers can be painful, often appearing as open sores that don't heal over time.

If you're experiencing persistent wounds on your leg that are not healing despite conservative management, a vascular evaluation is essential. Premier Vascular offers a comprehensive vascular exam and treatment options to ensure adequate healing.

Non-Healing Wounds: Symptoms, Causes, and More

Non-Healing Ulcers

Lower extremity ulcers may start as a minor skin discoloration or small wound. Due to impaired healing caused by either limited blood flow or venous stasis, these wounds may progress and place patients at risk for further complications.

Complications of Non-Healing Ulcers

If untreated, ulcers can lead to infection, gangrene or even limb loss. Proper care and early intervention are crucial.

Treatment Options for Non-Healing Wounds

A multi specialty approach is essential for adequate healing of difficult persistent wounds.  A thorough vascular evaluation is an essential component of this treatment regimen. 

When to See a Doctor

Consult a healthcare professional if you notice persistent open leg wounds. Early diagnosis ensures effective treatment.

Exploring Non-Healing Ulcer Treatment

Non-invasive Techniques

A collaborative approach that includes adequate wound care, infection management or prevention, and podiatry aid in healing and prevent recurrence of ulcers.

Vascular Exam

Exclusion of a vascular etiology is essential beginning path to adequate wound healing. Premier Vascular & Interventional specializes in a collaborative multi-specialty approach to wound healing. 

Non-Healing Ulcer Solutions at Premier Vascular & Interventional

We specialize in minimally-invasive treatments for non-healing leg ulcers. Our state-of-the-art facility, combined with a streamlined process, ensures rapid, efficient care. Our minimally invasive techniques mean reduced risks and faster recovery. Plus, with a patient-centric approach, you'll experience unparalleled personalized care. At Premier Vascular& Interventional your health is our top priority.


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