Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT): Diagnosis, Signs & Management

What is Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)? DVT is the formation of a blood clot within the deep upper or lower extremity veins. If you're experiencing symptoms like leg pain, swelling, or skin discoloration, it might be a sign of DVT. Recognizing and understanding these signs is crucial to prevent complications.

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DVT: Symptoms, Causes, Risks, and When to Act

DVT Symptoms in Legs

Signs of a DVT can include swelling, pain, tenderness, and a warm sensation. Either one or both legs may be affected. These blood clot symptoms shouldn't be ignored.

Causes of Blood Clots

Several factors can predispose you to DVT: Limited activity, immobility,  genetics, hormonal changes/replacement and certain medications may increase clotting risks.

DVT Potential Risks

Ignoring signs of a blood clot may lead to progression of the blood clot in the leg, which may eventually break off and cause a pulmonary embolism.  Additionally, long term complications like post thrombotic syndrome may result from lack of prompt treatment. 

Spotting DVT: What to Do?

If you suspect DVT or notice symptoms of a blood clot in your leg, seek urgent care. Early diagnosis through DVT testing is crucial in obtaining adequate proper treatment. 

Effective DVT Treatment Solutions

Non-Invasive DVT Management

Modern care, like ultrasound, provides safe, non-invasive DVT testing and treatments, reducing the need for surgery.

Thrombolysis & Thrombectomy

Vascular surgeons may offer thrombolysis/ thrombectomy to accelerate the resolution of DVT and limit immediate and long term complications.  Thrombolysis is a means of dissolving or breaking down the clot. While Thrombectomy allows for removal of the thrombus. 

DVT Follow Up

Our in-house comprehensive vascular lab allows for early detection of possible complications and confirmation of adequate treatment. 

 DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis Doctor

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Experiencing Symptoms of a DVT?

Delaying treatment can worsen DVT symptoms and elevate risks. If you've noted signs of a blood clot in the leg, now is the time. Contact Premier Vascular & Interventional today. Explore tailored treatment options and benefit from our specialized expertise. Your health deserves immediate, top-tier care.


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