Gonadal Vein Embolization for Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

Gonadal vein embolization is a minimally invasive procedure offered to women diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome (PCS). Pelvic congestion most commonly presents as chronic pelvic pain in the setting of dilated pelvic varices (varicose veins). The aim of embolization is to decrease the blood flow within the dilated pelvic veins, therefore decreasing venous congestions within the pelvis and improving symptoms. 

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Gonadal Vein Embolization for PCS:

What is Gonadal Vein Embolization?

Gonadal (ovarian) vein embolization  involves shutting down the dilated varicose veins in the pelvis in order to decrease the blood flow and limit engorgement and dilation of the veins in the pelvis. By blocking these abnormal veins the blood flow is redirected to nearby healthy veins resulting in improvement of symptoms. 

What to Expect During the Procedure

Patients are provided with sedation and local anesthetic allowing for minimal discomfort, a small catheter is advanced through the femoral or jugular vein

and manipulated to the abnormal veins in the pelvis. Through this catheter embolization coils and medication are administered in order to close off the abnormal veins in the pelvis. The catheter is then removed and a small bandage is applied the access site.

Quick Recovery Time

Gonadal vein embolization is safely and effectively performed in our outpatient facilities.   Patients experience little to no post procedure pain, with more than 85% of patients noting resolution of symptoms. 

Treatment for Pelvic Congestion Syndrome in South Florida

At Premier Vascular & Interventional our interventional radiologists and vascular physicians are experts and exceptionally skilled at treating all venous disorders including pelvic congestion syndrome. Our team of seasoned practitioners are dedicated to providing minimally invasive and compassionate care. Contact us today to find out more about gonadal vein embolization for pelvic congestion syndrome. 


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